Finishing Touches

When building your dream conservatory it is important that you pay attention to detail when choosing the finishing touches that will bring your conservatory to life.


The above colours are designed as a guide only. Available colours include White, light Oak and Woodgrain.

Traditional features with all the benefits of modern PVCu.

Our white conservatories are the perfect complimentary choice to add to any property with white window frames. They're also the ideal choice for anyone looking to gain the effect of a truly contemporary feel without sacrificing on timeless qualities such as comfort and reliability.

To complement our range of traditional white designs, we also offer a variety of colours, including wood grains, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of a timber-effect finish.

A woodgrain conservatory is ideal for anybody looking to create something different, distinctive and truly desirable. We are also able to accommodate those looking to add a more historical or traditional feel to their homes by offering you an authentic light oak colour.

You can even enjoy a true timber appearance on the exterior of your conservatory, whilst the interior is pristine white to provide a light and airy feel to your new living space.

Whichever colour you choose, you can be assured of high performance insulation, thermal and weathering properties, to increase your comfort for years to come.

Artisan Range

Choose from our Artisan woodgrain collection to bring style and colour to your home.

Colour is big business. The replacement sector is standing up best. There's a growing trend for second time replacement window customers to be more demanding about the look of their windows. Many do not need to replace the windows but want to change the design to improve the look of their home.

These customers already understand the benefits of PVC-U windows, so its a question of adding to their knowledge by increasing their choices in upgrading their windows. Choice of colours, better security, energy savings and design can all play a part in selling to this new breed of discerning buyers.


There is a range of glazing options and a selection of patterns and finishes to further enhance your conservatory living.

If your looking to add character and individuality, our decorative glass options provide you with literally hundreds of designs and styles to choose from, for all areas of your home.

Through catching the suns rays, decorative glass adds jewel like colour to your home.

There are many types of glazing each suitable to your home, for different situations there is a different glazing effects available.

Privacy Glass offers various levels of obscurity for those more private rooms. By using this type of glazing your privacy is respected through a decorative piece of glass.

Leadwork glass is carefully handcrafted and available in different shapes and sizes. Each window is made to match to inflict a constant flow of design around the house setting it apart from all the others.

Bevelled Designs are individually hand crafted using slim lined bevelled glass. They can be used to their best effect in personalising your home from another through adding a unique flair and design to your windows and doors.

Decorative Panels/"Top Lights" are handcrafted using the modern equivalent of traditional stained glass. With this type of glazing each window or door is free to be as extravagant or as simple as you like.

Internal Georgian Bars are internally fitted bars available in various shapes and sizes to add a sleek and modern look to your property.


A variety of window and door handles are available to suit your personal taste as well as add that something extra to your home. Handles come in various styles and colours, including black, white, silver and gold.
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